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The Chilton Method: Complete Course - $295

It’s all here! You’ll have access to 175 videos that cover an incredible amount of territory. From putting a winning book together to off-line marketing to on-line marketing to breaking through with your distribution, it’s all covered in great detail—not only what to do, but also exactly how to do it!

“‘The Chilton Method’ is the most comprehensive book-marketing course I’ve ever seen. If you’re an author or a publisher, it is quite simply one of the best investments you could ever make.” – Garrett Carroll, 

The Chilton Method: Book Production - $79

 Everything you need to know to put together a book that sets you up for marketing success in 34 videos. 

“Thank you, Thank you and Thank you again! Your advice and videos have helped me begin to fine tune our book and I truly feel that we will sell thousands and thousands of copies – because of your wisdom.” – Norma LaFonte, Money Monster or Money Master? Teach Your Kids the Basics of Money and Have Them Love Every Minute of It!

The Chilton Method: Book Marketing - $249

141 captivating and informative videos walking you through (in fine detail) everything you need to know for your off-line and on-line book-marketing efforts.

“I found this course invaluable. It was like having David Chilton right in my living room. The videos are jam-packed with tips to help you spend your book-marketing dollars wisely. There is no other course like it on the market!” – Sean Cooper, Burn Your Mortgage

The Chilton Method: Corporate Sales - $129

To say this section’s 24 videos have been a huge hit would be a tremendous understatement. Learn how to sell books in bulk through corporate sales. No one knows this market better than Dave.

“This course will easily pay for itself many times over by helping to focus on techniques that work while avoiding those that don’t. The sections covering special and corporate sales, in particular, provide innovative ideas for any author wanting to access these extremely lucrative markets.” – Murray Baker, The Debt-Free Graduate

Course Comparison

Course Modules

Complete Course


Book Production


Book Marketing


Corporate Sales


Number of Video Modules





Book Production—Creating a Great Book (34 Videos)



Book Marketing Introduction (4 Videos)



Book Marketing Section One: Bulk Sales and Corporate Partnerships (24 Videos)


Book Marketing Section Two: Offline Demand Creation (39 Videos)



Book Marketing Section Three: Online Demand Creation (38 Videos)



Book Marketing Section Four: Distribution (28 Videos)



Book Marketing Section Five: Resources and Other (5 Videos)



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