November 21, 2019

3 Reasons Non-Fiction Authors Absolutely Need to Pursue Bulk Corporate Sales

Ed Arbuckle sold 1,000s of copies of “The Family Guide to Disability and Personal Finances” to a major financial institution. He mailed a kit, followed it up with a meeting and made tens of thousands in revenue!


Greta Podleski sold tens of thousands of her cookbook, “Yum & Yummer” to Weight Watchers. They loved the brand match.


Here at The Chilton Method offices we hear corporate-sales success stories like these from our students all the time.


And yet, if you’re like most non-fiction authors we speak to, you’ve probably never even tried to land one of these incredibly lucrative deals.




Maybe it’s because you think corporate sales are the exclusive domain of the major publishing houses. Or perhaps you don’t know how to intrigue a potential partner. Or maybe, you didn’t even know these types of deals exist.


Regardless of why you haven’t tried yet, here are the top three reasons why you absolutely must start pursuing bulk corporate sales for your non-fiction book:


#1: Bulk Corporate-Sales Deals Offer an Incredible Return-on-Investment


Very few opportunities in book marketing offer the same potential ROI as corporate sales. One small success in this space can lead to a deal for thousands of copies of your book!


While seeking these deals obviously does require some effort, authors are shocked at how little time and money is actually involved (especially if your follow the proven methodology taught in our corporate-sales course). It truly is amazing that authors are publishers aren’t spending more time in this space.


#2: Corporate Sales Generate Word-of-Mouth Marketing


If you land a corporate sales deal for a thousand copies, the sales don’t stop there! You now have a thousand more readers to recommend your book to their friends and families. A thousand more readers to post about how much they liked your book on social media. A thousand more readers to mention your book to decision makers at their company.


A deal like this seeds the market with your book and generates word-of-mouth marketing opportunities that will drive more and more sales of your book. And more credibility. And more speaking opportunities.


Corporate-sales deals are the gift that keeps on giving!


#3: Corporate Sales are Non-Returnable


Once you land one of these deals, you can rest easy knowing that the money is yours.


Unlike bookstore and other retail-channel distribution partners where the buyer holds return privileges, corporate sales are non-returnable. That huge risk isn’t present. What’s more, in many cases the corporate partner pays at least 50% of the invoice up front.



In publishing, there are very few things more exciting than getting an order for thousands of non-returnable copies of your book! In fact, let’s be honest, there are no things more exciting.


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Hear Dave talk about the most lucrative, yet neglected, area in book marketing—bulk corporate sales and partnerships.

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